This is a different look on trait counts.

The way it works.

The number on the left is how many CNFT s have the trait.


3 Head Straw Hat

There are 3 CNFTs with the Trait Category Head, which are Straw Hats

They are #2236, #4350, and #5722

This site doesn't currently show the numbers here just the trait count.


Another example

17 Light Rabbithole Ray
Piercing Silver
Charm O'Brien


That means there are 17 CNFT s with Rabbithole Ray Light.

Also 17 CNFTs with Piercing Silver

and 17 CNFTs with the charm O'Brien


Notice that 1 and 2 have quite a few, but after that it is very interesting that the trait counts seem to have different quantities.

What I'm trying to say is nothing in this project seems to be by chance. Well very little anyhow.

What you would expect to be random isn't random most of the time. Traits are grouped and assigned for some reason not yet known.

We will further explain as we know and have time to develop this site.

As of now this is another look at traits to gather more information and gather some new thoughts.

Please notice how the traits are spread out and go up the number ladder. 

1  42 Pieces

2  9 Traits, 18 pieces

3  3 Pieces

4  4 Pieces

5  5 Pieces and 5 have a trait count of 15


What I'm saying in all of this, 

There is a lot more to this project than first meets the eye and it's going to be a very deep dive to figure out why and what it all means.

See below and have fun!

This is the first 100 trait counts more to follow.

The below also includes some hidden trait counts.


1 Body Replica
Body Blueman
Eyes Comic
Head Goerge
Head Ivan
Head Flavio
Head Max
Head Platinum Blond
Head Charles
Head Domina
Head Hornes
Head Halo Bob Cut
Light Rain
Light Red Ray
Light Soft White Ray
Phone Book
Phone Unknown
Phone VidPhone
Clothing T Shirt
Clothing Polo w Tattoo
Clothing Shirt w Tattoo
Clothing Black Jacket
Clothing Agent Suit
Clothing Black Leather Jacket
Clothing V Tanktop Red
Clothing Checkered Shirt
Clothing Tunic
Background Orange
Background Sci-Fi
Background Light Grey
Background Cardano Blue
Background Sinful Red
Background Holy Blue
Facial Max Beard
Glasses Clear
Glasses Digital Pen
Charm Elements
Charm Unicorn
Charm Silencer
Charm Pills
Charm Lamb

2 Eyes Blue Lazor
Head Mask Domina
Clothing Devil Wings
Clothing Domina
Background Dungeon Purple
Facial Fake Moustache
Piercing Diamond Ring
Charm BDSM
Charm Rocket Red (Note 1 is red 1 is blue)

3 Head Straw Hat

4 Mask Geisha

5 Cheek Purple Kiss"u"
Trait Count 14

6 Head Goggles

7 Head Tinfoil Hat Gold

8 Head Gimp

10 Light Magic Ray
Head Rainbow Mowhawk (Hidden Only grouped with 996 Mowhawks)

11 Body Gold

12 Wrist Gold Watch

13 Clothing Gimp

15 Clothing Devil Wings

17 Light Rabbithole Ray
Piercing Silver
Charm O'Brien

19 Eyes Purple Spiral
Clothing Angel Wings

21 Cheek Red Kiss

23 Glasses Cyborg

25 Charm Spraycan

26 Head Tinfoil Hat (All Female Tinfoil Hats)
Cheek Green Kiss

27 Cheek Purple Kiss

28 Phone Snail
Cheek Bandaid (Shown on tools See 33 Arm for Hidden)

29 Cheek Heart Tattoo
Lips Doobie

30 Eyes Red Lazer
Cheek Diamond Tattoo
Lips Pipe

32 Head Viking

33 Arm Bandaid (Hidden Not shown on tools)

39 Head Tinfoil Hat Blond

41 Clothing Tattoo Sleeve (Note Others are Hidden)
Cheek Clubs Tattoo

42 Head Tinfoil Mint

47 Head Tinfoil Blue
Lips Tongue
Piercing Gold Earring

51 Clothing Astronaut

52 Facial Red Beard

53 Trait Count 13

56 Head Tinfoil Pink
Light Abstract Bolt

62 Light Electrosmog
Lips Cigar

65 Head Barcode
Piercing Skull Earring

67 Cheek Burned
Charm Pick

69 Glasses Gold

70 Facial Lipstick Turquoise

71 Facial Lipstick Green

75 Lips Mouth Piercing

78 Charm Smiley
Charm Top
Charm Ram
Head Gameboy in Red Beanie (Hidden only grouped with 691 Beanies)

79 Facial Slick Blond Beard

81 Facial Lipstick Purple

85 Facial Moustache Blond

86 Light Holy Ray

87 Facial Slick Red Beard
Charm Key

89 Facial Goatee Brown

91 Head N/A
Trait Count 7

94 Clothing Kimono

95 Facial Moustache Red
Facial Slick Brown Beard

96 Facial Goatee Blond

97 Facial Moustache Black
Facial Moustache Brown

98 Facial Goatee Red
Glasses Aviator

99 Head Spikes