Universe 25

From the beginning.

Ok, obviously this is going to take a lot of work to get all the info here, but this is where it will go once we put it together.


So some of the basics best we know gathered along the way.


The project started with a group of co workers and friends. Some worked in the same office some across the web.

A discord group was formed and talks of a project started.

Ideas were discussed amongst the founders and also the early community.

Some concept pieces were made and talked about.

Then it all started happening... 101 OG pieces were air dropped to early discord members. This was a free airdrop.



These early 101 members were given early access to view content, give feedback, and become the first "Test Subjects" in the project.


Concept ideas.

 Over 70 years ago in the 1940's a behavioral research scientist named John Bumpass Calhoun started conducting research on mice.



From the 1940's through the 1960's Calhoun conducted 24 experiments ending in failure for the mouse populations.

In 1968 with funding from The National Institute of Mental Health, John B Calhoun constructed Universe 25, a mouse utopia. Where the mice could live with their every need met and be safe from all the natural predator and environmental concerns which would normally be a part of their life.


Society25 has taken ideas from Calhoun's project and combined them with many other themes and references found in our modern society.

Are all the humans wandering around today mesmerized by whatever they see in the phones getting ready to meet their fate as the mice in Universe25 did in the early 1970's?