There are a few styles


What shows on for tattoo is 41 these 41 are under clothing / tattoo sleeve. These are really the same as Clothing / Naked with tattoo sleeves but not accounted for in the 624 Naked NFTs.


Then you jump to the hidden tattoos.

Look at Clothing / Tanktop

Notice the Blue and White tanktops around half have the society round circle tattoo on the shoulder.


1 Society #11


When you look at the Red and White tanktops they all have sleeve tattoos.


1 Society #46


We have a list started and there are more than we thought but this is still a hidden trait.

Soon we should have a full count and will display the information. Not yet sure if the info will be public or for members. 

To be a member isn't a big deal, just signup. If you want to get more involved we're open to that also but we need to know we can trust you.