Universe25 Hidden Traits

Prepare to be amazed!

Part of the romance of Universe25 are all the hidden traits throughout the project.


One of the main reasons for this site is to expose some of what is hidden in the Society 25 project. There are a few reasons this needs to be done. There are so many hidden little things that someone wanting to just ape in may not have any idea what they are buying. Yes the are alone sells the project but there is so much more. So with the complexity of the project and all of it somewhat hidden from the public. Do your own research can leave most in the dark not knowing what or where to research to really be in the know about the project.

Existing members of the project are at different levels of activity. Yes the project has a large and loyal following. With that said how many people have the time to read every Twitter post, Read every Announcement on Discord, and even try to keep up with all the discussion on the numerous channels of the discord server. Then there is the Lore, a whole other subject in itself. What about the Leaks? Yes, a large portion of the upcoming releases have been leaked here and there. Sometimes this is for feedback, sometimes just to say here is what the team is working on behind the scenes. So how does anyone keep up with it all?

Collaboration and retention of information. Twitter is no place to hold and accumulate reference information for easy viewing. Discord is much better suited for conversation and discussion but would quickly become overly cluttered trying to store reference material.


Packed with Easter eggs, hints, and lore Society 25 is our first real look into what is to come. 

Euphoria, getting ready to be released,.. what will we find next?