We understand that NFTs are new to a lot of people, relatively new to the world. CNFTs are Nfts built on Cardano. If you are new to this space, we first want to Welcome you and let you know the Cardano community is all about helping each other out. 


So this is where we will help guide you step by step with whatever you may need to get started with Cardano or CNFTs. 


We plan to have guides for:

Purchasing Cardano from an exchange

Setting up your Cardano wallet

Transferring from an exchange to your own Wallet

Purchasing CNFTs from Secondary Marketplaces

Minting new tokens.

Being aware and avoiding scams.


We not only want to welcome you into the Society25 family we want to welcome you into the Cardano family if you're not already a part of it.


This will take a little time to build so please feel free to ask questions about anything you want to know. This will also help us to know what content is most needed and questions people are looking for answers to.